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Triton conference, growing for gold 18-20 april palma de mallorca

A fundamental part of any successful company is growth, without which a business simply cannot thrive.
The 2008 Triton Conference will provide ideas and examples of the ways delegates can successfully achieve their own business growth, and will explain how Members’ improved profits can generate growth for the whole group which can be invested in powerful advertising, business development and new technologies for all Members.

As well as practical business advice, the third annual Triton Conference will be an ideal way for Members to hear the latest news and information direct from the people at the top.
In the same way that farmers need to cultivate and develop crops if they are to grow strong and produce yields which will benefit the community, so everyone in business must continually aim for growth in order to thrive. And this is reflected in this year’s theme:
Growing For Gold!


18 April
Delegates Arrive
07:45-13:00 Triton Golf Challenge

20:00-23:00 Welcome Party23:

00-03:00 Late Night BarZone at 'La Lonja'

19 April
09:30-13:00 Conference Sessions
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:00 Speed Dating & Workshops
19:00-20:00 Cocktail Reception 20:00-23:00 Dine-A-Rounds23:00-03:00 Late Night Bar at 'Abraxas'

20 April
09:30-10:30 Closed Consortia Sessions

10:30-12:30 Speed Dating & Workshops

12:30-13:30 Lunch1

3:30-17:00 Conference Sessions

20:00-23:00 Gala Dinner and The Triton Travel Awards

23:00-03:00 Late Night Bar Zone at 'La Lonja'

21 April
Optional Excursions Delegates Depart

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